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Spare me the Watson to Patriots Talk

Can we stop with the Deshaun Watson to the Patriots talk? It's not going to happen. He is not coming here for a number of reasons, I will go over every one of those reasons but in my opinion the biggest reason is not being talked about enough and by itself is enough to make the trade highly unlikely.

How can Nick Caserio leave the Patriots after 20 years, go to the Texans and immediately trade his franchise QB and one of the best QB's in the NFL to the Patriots? Don't you realize how bad that will make him look? I can see the story lines now, "Caserio hands Belichick his QB", "Inside job, Caserio goes to Houston to get Patriots their next QB". Nick Caserio would be committing career suicide by trading Watson to the Patriots.

That to me is the biggest reason why it's not happening but the second reason is just as significant and ties right in, why would Watson want to come here? He didn't like Bill O'Brien and his system, he doesn't like Jack Esterby and his program, he obviously wasn't thrilled with the Nick Caserio hire, so why would you think he's going to be on board with coming to the franchise that produced all of those guys? You could argue that he doesn't have a say but you know how these things work, a team is not going to trade for a player if he's not on board, especially a franchise QB that you will be giving up a boat-load of assets for.

Which leads us into reason number three. The assets that will be required to get Watson here. Does Bill Belichick strike you as the type of guy that would give up multiple first round picks? The Patriots would most definitely have to, given that they are picking at #15 in this year's draft. The Jets sitting at #2 would still likely have to throw in an additional first to pull off the deal, never mind the team sitting at 15. The Patriots would probably have to give up three first round picks to make this move. I would be shocked if Bill Belichick even entertains that.

It was reported this morning that Watson officially requested a trade and minutes later I see people on Twitter posting pictures of Watson photoshopped in a Patriots uniform, ESPN posting hypothetical trade scenario's between the Patriots and Texans. Can we stop wasting our time? I'm all in on the Jimmy G to the Patriots talk, I'm good with the Matt Stafford to the Patriots talk, those are realistic. Deshaun Watson to the Patriots is not realistic, let's just stop now and turn our attention to more realistic options.

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