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Speaking of Brady

Two things that I held onto yesterday can be seen below...

Both are easily two things I will probably never understand.

Let me set the scene for pic #1: post game Roache family group chat with my siblings, couple of significant others, the old man and I. Oldest brother sends a text that Brady is the GOAT and he just gave the bird to anyone that doubted before. Then boom. Papa Roache comes back with that. Salty old man throwing his negativity around like he was watching an actual Patriots game.

Unloyal? Not loyal? 20 years straight in this day and age. A few Super Bowl wins after it was implied that the head coach/GM wanted to get rid of him. As unfortunate as it was for fans, it was time for Brady to go. For every Yaz or Bird there are a million guys that don’t play for one team their entire career. So chill with the unloyal. ”Its a business!” whenever your favorite team cuts ties with other guys but Brady is now unloyal.

Pic #2: What in the world did he say?!? That unloyal trader not only left a fanbase that would die for him but he then goes on to say something that could not be repeated to a fellow NFLPA member!!!

The nerve! The audacity! The hilarity!!!!

Are you kidding me Honey Badger? How about this... “Ya, we had an obvious verbal exchange so don’t think it was just me. Go back to my previous games blah, blah, blah...”

Or!!! Or don’t say anything about it at all. Where does it get you?? Just poked, prodded and probed for more questions about it. Was that the end game? Or are you actually only interested in clearing your name? I am unsure. But I am sure that wearing it, whether you were right or wrong, will certainly make things pats quickly and relatively painlessly.

What was the bus the media was throwing you under? Would it really hurt that bad? No.

And would you have gotten the apology text regardless of making it public knowledge or not? Yes.

Its called a high road and I’m sure you’ve taken it plenty of times before so maybe the heat of the game and the loss led you to this, but my incredible hindsight says that you should’ve taken that high road here.

Maybe next time.

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