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Stafford and Goff

What a doozy last night. Stafford to the Rams for two 1s, a 3, and Goff in a salary dump. That is ALOT to give up to get a 33 yr old QB. The Rams already traded two 1s for Ramsey, now they dumped their next two for an old beat up QB, yikes. Good luck Mcvay, you won't be the coach there in 5 years that's for sure. So who wins here? Honestly nobody does, the Rams have to win the Super Bowl and nothing short of that. Is Stafford the guy that screams championship QB? Not in the least. The Rams would have been better off going after a Watson, Rodgers, or a young gun, but nope old Matty Stafford.

And the Lions will never be good, ever. Goff isn't going to do anything for this team, these draft picks won't turn out to be anything either. The Lions are the worst franchise in the NFL and it isn't very close. They rarely go to the playoffs, they hire morons as GM and Coach, and they don't make good draft or personnel decisions. They hired that buffoon Dan Campbell just after firing the buffoon Matty P. Don't feel bad for Goff going from LA to Detriot after signing a massive deal just like Blake Griffin, he'll be just fine, he won't win, he won't be in the spotlight, and he won't have to play in any big games to get exposed anymore. He has 40 something million that is going to keep him nice and happy. And he has this:

Hard to believe the thing on the left is able to date the thing on the right. Maybe there's hope for me after all, all I have to do is become a below average NFL QB. Dreams do exist kids.

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