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Steroid Era vs. Sticky Era

It's not a year that ends in a number if Major League Baseball isn't doing something to shoot itself in the foot.

Let me tell you a little bit about it. For years upon years, baseball players, like all players in professional sports have been trying to give themselves an edge. MLB had Stevie and Timmy's favorite era, the steroid era of the late 90's with McGwire, Sosa and Bonds. Now there's a sudden clamp on pitchers with sticky substances. Plenty of new information coming out on what kind of chemical concoctions TEAMS and PLAYERS have been trying to make for years now.

Pine tar. Spider tack. Sunscreen/rosin mix. Pitchers have been trying everything to increase their spin rate. Here we are 20 years later and the MLB has another "problem" to fix. The difference between this problem and the steroid issue is that everyone can use 'roids. Pitchers were using, hitters were using, Ed Hochuli was using. 'Roids new no bounds. It was a fair fight for all.

The sticky ball is specifically beneficial to the guy throwing it. His spin rate increases his fastball elevation a little and a hitter will swing and miss completely more often. The breaking stuff will have more break, plain and simple. Nothing about this benefits the batters.

I'm not the traditionalist in the sense of I want the game clean at all times or else. I just think it needs to be fair. Bring back the steroids, let everyone take them. If you keep the sticky stuff, give the hitters something in return.

My other thought is HOW? How will they possibly police this?? From 'roids, to trash can banging and video relaying to sticky balls, how are they going to hone this in to a controllable point?? They haven't been able to for years. George Brett storming onto the field because of his tar on his bat. The pair of pictures (Michael Pineda is one of them) above from different times in the last 10 years or so. It's virtually impossible.

Good luck MLB. Give me a universal DH while your debating things in the middle of the season.

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