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Suck Bag Ainge "Quits". Suck Bag Stevens is Fired From Coaching But Also Promoted To Another Job?

IT HAPPENED!! IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!! Brad Stevens has resigned as the head coach of the Boston Celtics, I didn't think it was actually possible. As soon as I was about to celebrate both Stevens and Ainge being fired all at once, Stevens says he is burned out from coaching and didn't care from the bubble all the way through this season, the dumbass Celtics go ahead and give Stevens a PROMOTION!! Holy shit the Celtics and their owners cannot get out of their own way. What a truly terrible move, if you are going to reset the coaching and management structure, reset it. Don't promote the guy that didn't care for the last year and a half. I promise you no other company, franchise, or business would promote someone directly after that person said he is burned out and didn't care about his old job for a year and a half, not one, unless you are the Boston Celtics. Anyone whoms watched the Celtics knows that Stevens is a suck bag coach and didn't care, you could tell with his body language. This is a horrific move that will ruin the franchise much in the same way when they hired Rick Pitino. Get ready to dive straight to the bottom in a couple years once Tatum says screw this I'm joining a super team with Brad Beal and Karl Anthony Towns somewhere.

Now Ainge leaving makes perfect sense, he hasn't done much of anything for the last 4-5 seasons. I have been clamoring for him to be fired for years, and it finally happened. The Celtics and Ainge call it a retirement but make no mistake he was fired from his job, and rightfully so. The Celtics got this move correct and then they fuck it all up with the Stevens promotion. The players have tuned Stevens out, Stevens doesn't care, so why the hell don't they just promote the guy to run all Basketball Operations, wooof city population The Boston Celtics.

Green teamers are going to be devastated because that is their nature, they never want anything to change, and they actually get to say "once a Celtics, always a Celtic" about Stevens. Guess what assholes, Stevens is a gigantic loser, he's lost at every level, has never won a thing in his life. And spoiler alert he is going to be a gigantic loser as a GM or Head of Basketball Ops, whatever you want to call his new title. It is sad to see the runaway train that is the Boston Celtics become such an inept franchise, the Boston Celtics are the Knicks, the Knicks are the Boston Celtics. Celtics will meet you at the bottom of the standings in a few years Knicks. Color me angry...still. Now release Smart, GM Stevens.

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