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Super Bowl Prop Bets

I'm a big Super Bowl prop bet guy. I enjoy going through them each year, maybe make a bet or two on a couple of them. I like the out of the ordinary ones but also love the traditional football related ones. So i decided to pick out a dozen of the best ones I've come across this year and tell you what I think:

1. 7.5 Total Touchdowns - Give me the over! My prediction for the game is Buccaneers 37-34, I see it as the Buccaneers will have five touchdowns with one missed PAT and one field foal. While the Chiefs will score four touchdowns and two field goals. That's nine touchdowns, hammer the over.

2. Team to score the longest touchdown in the game - Chiefs, all day. Tyreek Hill is good for at least one 40+ yard play, there's a good chance he will have a long touchdown. He had a couple long touchdowns against the Buccaneers in their regular season matchup.

3. How many times will the Patriots be mentioned O/U 2 - Over. You can't talk about Tom Brady for four hours during a Super Bowl without mentioning the Patriots at least three or four times. The Patriots will likely come up more than two times without even including Brady. Just the amount of history the Patriots have in the Super Bowl, they will come up on stats, graphics, highlights.

4. How many times will Gisele be shown O/U 1.5 - Another over. This one could be as many as five times, easily. Go back and watch Super Bowl LI, I swear she was shown a half dozen times.

5. Highest scoring half - Go second half on this one. The Chiefs usually get off to slow starts, Tom Brady has never scored a first quarter Super Bowl touchdown and Super Bowl's in general usually get off to slow starts.

6. What will be the first song played during the halftime show - The Hills. The favorite is Starboy, followed by Blinding Lights and Can't Feel My Face but I'm going to go a little outside the box. It's about the way the song starts, I think it would be a great way to kick off the halftime show. I think Blinding Lights will be the last song played.

7. Gatorade bath color - Let's go clear/water on this one. Orange seems to be a popular pick because that was the color for the Chiefs last year, the Buccaneers have orange in their color scheme and it has been orange in five of the last eleven Super Bowls, While clear/water hasn't been seen since the Giants in Super Bowl XLII, but I'm going to say water makes a comeback in 2021. While on the topic, if the Buccaneers do win, can i suggest that they give Brady the Gatorade/water bath? If it weren't for Brady going to Tampa, the Buccaneers wouldn't be anywhere near this game and I don't think a player has ever gotten the Super Bowl Gatorade bath before and it would be fitting if the first one was the GOAT Tom Brady.

8. Who will have more passing yards, Brady or Mahomes - Give me Brady. You have to factor in the times Mahomes will run the ball on broken pass plays, Brady is not going to have an rushing yards and I favor the Chiefs rushing attack a little bit more. I think the Buccaneers will pass more which will lead to Brady having more passing yards. Both QB's will go over 300 yards but I think Brady could near 400 yards.

9. First offensive play, pass or rush - Pass, let's open it up early. Without trying to look it up, I'm guessing a rush happens more often in this situation but fuck it, let's air it out.

10. Number of accepted penalties O/U 10.5 - The Buccaneers are still playing in this game right? Pound the over. With that bozo coach on the sideline, there is no telling how many penalties the Buccaneers will commit. The funny thing is, Kansas City actually averages more penalties per game than the Buccaneers this year. Combined they averaged 11.5, in theory the refs should let them play in this one but with these two teams you can bet your ass I'm taking the over.

11. Brady interceptions O/U 0.5 - Easy money here, this is going over. Tom Brady threw three interceptions in the second half of the NFC Championship two weeks ago. He has thrown an interception in four of his last five Super Bowls. I don't think he'll throw three or four but one is easy money.

12. Which team will score last in the game - Kansas City is favored here but give me the Buccaneers. I think this game is coming down to the wire and the team that scores last will win, I have the Buccaneers winning 37-34.

And spare me with all the Puppy Bowl prop bet bullshit.

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