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Super Bowl Prop Bets

It’s been four long months since anyone has blogged on this website but I’m going to change all that tonight. One of my favorite blogs that I’ve done for this site was last year’s Super Bowl prop bet blog, so it’s only fitting that I resurrect this website with just that, a Super Bowl LVI prop bet blog. Now, I wouldn’t take these to the bank, I believe I got only 3 right last year but do what you wish.

1. Joe Burrow Passing Yards O/U 276.5? - Burrow only threw for 250 yards in the AFC Championship and has only passed for over 275 yards 9 times this year in 19 games. Against a good Rams defense, I’ll take the under.

2. First player to score a Touchdown? - Rams typically start fast and Bengals typically start slow so it only makes since that the Rams will score first in this game. I would like to think the Bengals will try to slow down Cooper Kupp early in this game so give me Odell Beckham Jr. to score the first touchdown of this game.

3. Cooper Kupp Receptions O/U 8.5? - Give me the over. Kupp lead the NFL in every receiving category this season, he continued his elite play in the playoffs and there is no reason to believe he won’t continue it in the Super Bowl. I could see a slow start for Kupp but he will eventually wear down the defense and get his, I’m going to say Kupp has 10 receptions.

4. Will there be a converted 4th down? - Sean McVay and Zac Taylor are two of the most analytical coaches in the NFL and will not bat an eye going for a 4th down. I not only think you will see multiple 4th down attempts in this game but you will see multiple 4th down conversations.

5. Team to take first timeout? - Rams. Sean McVay loves to waste timeouts. He will not hesitate to burn an early timeout in this game, he can’t help himself.

6. First song performed at half-time? Give me “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. If the halftime show starts and the lights go out and you hear that piano intro start, 100,000 fans inside of SoFi Stadium and millions watching at home will get instant goosebumps. I have goosebumps right now just thinking about it. It’s not the favorite, most people think Mary J. Blige will perform first but I think that would be a mistake. There’s only one way to go and that’s “Lose Yourself”.

7. How many songs will be performed at halftime O/U 9.5? - This feels a little low, so give me the over. There are five artists scheduled to perform and everyone of them has a number of hits. I’m going to say we get at least two songs from each artist with possible three or four from a couple of them. I’m thinking at least 13 songs.

8. Which Anheuser-Busch brand commercial will run first? - This is a hard one, Bud Light would be the obvious choice and Bud Light Next is a good sleeper pick but I’m going to go with Michelob Ultra. Peyton Manning is one of Mich Ultra’s athletes, it’s the Super Bowl, you know their commercial is going to be one of the big ones of the night. Speaking of AB and commercials, rumor has it our friends at Cutwater will have a Super Bowl commercial this year, looking forward to that. I’ll certainly be drinking my fair share of Vodka Transfusions and Rum Mint Mojitos during the big game.

9. Aaron Donald Sacks O/U .5? - Easiest bet on the board. Pound the over. The Bengals have an average offensive line that just gave up 9 sacks in their playoff game against the Titans. Aaron Donald is a beast, he had 12.5 sacks this season and will be motivated in this game. I’m going to say he has multiple sacks.

10. Who will win Super Bowl LVI? - Last year I did a Super Bowl preview blog, that’s not happening this year. So, I’ll give you my Super Bowl prediction right here. Back on September 9th, I posted my 2021 NFL Predictions blog and I had the LA Rams winning the Super Bowl. I had them beating the Titans, not the Bengals but I basically nailed my preseason Super Bowl pick, if the Rams win. Now that we are here though, I’m kind of torn. The Bengals feel like a team of destiny. Joe Burrow has an it factor that’s hard not to believe in. When it comes to who I want to win, I’d actually rather see the Bengals win. I’m a big fan of TOSU alum Joe Burrow and it’s hard not to like the underdog Bengals. While I’ll be rooting for the Bengals, I think the Rams are the better team and I’m going to have to stick with my preseason Super Bowl pick and go with the Rams to win Super Bowl LVI. It will be a close game and a good game, give me Rams 24-17.

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