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Tatis Jr. Signs Big Time Deal

I love Fernando Tatis Jr.

Honestly, that could have been my entire post and I would have been okay with it. He is fun to watch. I'd watch Padres games because of him through the shortened season last year. Now that his team has only gotten better, it's good to see that he is set until my youngest is in college with his newest extension.

14 years, 340 million dollar extension with a full-term no trade clause. You go Fernando.

Many baseball folk could argue, including the man himself on his Twitter for iPhone, that Trevor Bauer's contract is smarter and I'm not here to argue that. Bauer is getting more each year for three years. Tatis Jr. is getting less each year but it's all guaranteed and it's until he is 36 years old. If someone told me 14 years ago that I could get a guaranteed amount of money each year for 14 years, I would probably sign that dotted line real quick, even if it were a percentage of old FTJ’s.

So good on you new Jr. Hopefully you can get a couple rings in that stretch and make it all worth it unlike Daddy. 😬

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