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Teach Me How To Dugie

The Boston Red Sox won the Mookie Betts trade with the LA Dodgers. I’m not saying Mookie didn’t help the Dodgers win it all last year but he wasn’t going to put the Red Sox over the top in 2020 and the Red Sox are better off this year and going forward without Mookie Betts. The idea behind that trade was to get some good young players in return that are on cheaper deals and could be contributors for years to come. That’s exactly what the Red Sox got and they are where they are now because of it.

Last night Alex Verdugo, the big return in the Mookie deal walked off against the Blue Jays and that’s just a starting point to how good he’s been for the Boston Red Sox. He has been putting up solid numbers, numbers better than Mookie in fact and brings a certain level of energy that Mookie never brought. I’m not saying Verdugo is more talented than Betts. I’m just saying he plays harder and brings energy and intensity that the previous outfielder did not.

Will Mookie Betts have more success in the future? Maybe. The Dodgers are a pretty good team, he’s a good player, it’s possible for sure. Am I happy with the return the Red Sox got for Betts? Absolutely. Verdugo is a different breed. His personality is bigger than Betts, he shows more effort than Betts. He’s been just as productive, his teammates like him and the Red Sox are winning. It’s been a perfect marriage.

The Red Sox didn’t waste Betts, they won a World Series with him. He priced himself out and they had a good return on the table so they made a move. I didn’t mind the deal the day it was made and I love it even more today. Anyone who wasn’t so sure, just turn on a Red Sox game and watch this team and watch Verdugo.

Not to mention the deal allowed the Red Sox to dump David Price, win! And Verdugo wasn’t the only player the Red Sox got in return. Jeter Downs is a top 40 prospect with great potential but my colleague Coach Roache can tell you about the minor leaguers that were included in the deal. All I’m concerned with is Verdugo and he’s been great. As far as I’m concerned, the Red Sox won that deal going away.

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