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Tebow Time

I’m not going to get all worked up and upset like a lot of people have about the Jacksonville Jaguars giving Tim Tebow another shot at the NFL but I will say this, it doesn’t pass the sniff test.

Urban Meyer loses some credibility here with this move. It appears all he’s doing is giving his boy a job. Some might say, what’s wrong with that? And maybe there is nothing wrong with that, lots of people get opportunities because of who they know. Fair. My only issue is that Tim Tebow sucks and players that suck and have proven to suck over and over again shouldn’t be the ones getting an opportunity.

He’s not an NFL caliber talent. Not even at his “natural” position never mind a new position he’s never played. It’s not like he’s 22 years old, fresh out of college and switching from QB to WR. He’s an old man in sports terms. He’s going to be 34 come next season.

He played on four teams during his first run in the NFL and was a disaster on three of them. He went to baseball and sucked there. He’s given this professional sports thing a go for 10+ years now and it hasn’t worked, maybe it’s time he realizes it’s not going to work out.

He wasn’t bad on tv. He did a decent job for ESPN and the SEC Network. He should’ve stuck with that instead of once again embarrassing himself while trying to make it in the NFL.

Urban Meyer did this for a couple reasons. One, he likes Tebow, he thinks he could be a leader and good influence on the roster. News flash, he didn’t really help the 2006-2010 Gators. Maybe he feels like he owes Tebow something for winning him a couple National Championships at Florida. But when you bring in a player for those reasons and he’s not very good, all it does is create a unnecessary distraction. Second, he wants to impress his bosses and put asses in the seats, sell merchandise, put the Jaguars program on the map. Gainesville is not too far from Jacksonville. You know all those bible bumping old-timers will break out their Tebow gear and take the every other Sunday drive from the trailer park to TIAA Bank Field to catch Gator greats Timmy Tebow and Coach Meyer. It’s a sell job and not a very good one.

I’ve been a fan of Tim Tebow, he was great at Florida. Wasn’t half bad in Denver, they made the right move going to Peyton Manning but Tebow had a real shot at success if they kept him in Denver, he was a good fit on that team. I was actually excited when the Patriots brought him in but we know how that went. I still like Tim Tebow, I just don’t think he should be playing in the NFL but what’s he supposed to do? Someone gave him an opportunity and he took it, what else should he have done?

The issue here is not Tebow, it’s Urban Meyer. He let personal and business reasons get in the way of making a sound football decision. You’re telling me you couldn’t find a better available tight end anywhere else besides Tim Tebow? A quick google search tells me that Trey Burton, Tyler Eifert and Jesse James are all still available. You’re telling me you couldn’t have drafted a TE in the draft? Even a 5th, 6th or 7th round pick. That kid would likely be better than Tebow.

If Urban wants to build credibility and be successful at the NFL level, signing players like Tim Tebow is not going to do it. You are making a mockery of the process. Bringing in your old retired players is not the way to go and based on this one move, without even coaching a single game I can tell you that Urban Meyer is going to be a complete failure in the NFL.

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