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Temper Your Expectations

What the Patriots have done so far this week is astounding. Being the most aggressive they've ever been. It is okay for Pats fans for feel good right now, I sure do. Timmy nearly creamed his pants already. But I am here to tell you that you should temper your expectations. In the modern day NFL you need a QB that can throw to win. The Patriots simply don't have that, right now. Cam is still the same guy that will throw the ball directly into the dirt 10 yards in front of receivers doesn't matter if that receiver is Jonnu Smith or Dalton Keene, the Pats still have a giant problem. All the free agent signings in the world doesn't change the fact they have a glorified tight end playing QB. The D has improved a lot, they may only give up 2 scores a game but they will still lose. Cam Newton can no longer play QB in the NFL, weapons or no weapons. His mechanics are the worst in the NFL and that includes Trubinski and Darnold, his arm is a wet noodle, and his decision making is the worst of his skill set.

The Patriots must address this prior to the draft or at the draft. They cannot content with Newton as their QB1, plain and simple. Who should the Patriots go after:

this specimen of a human being. Bring me Mac, I need Mac. Drafting either at 15 or by moving up, yes you read that right, move up if you need to. They have a ton of picks, if they need to package them to move up and grab Jones, then do it. Now if they draft Jones and want to start Cam for the first 4-5 games while Jones learns that is fine. But I cannot and will not stand idly by and watch another season of 1920s Army football in the modern day NFL. I know Coach Roache is pumped about Cam but he may be the only one.

So tremendous week by Bill and co (Matty P???) but I'm not even close to satisfied and either should you be. Get me a real QB and only then can we start talking.

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