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The Bruins Are A Problem and Have A Problem

Patrice, so hot right now, Patrice.

Everyone cool off? Now we need to get down to bidness. The Bruins are a wagon, a lethal weapon, that has no chance of winning a Cup? Huh? How? What are you talking about? This year's Bruins team is very very good. They are slightly better than last year's President's Trophy team. They are younger, faster, and more athletic. Exactly what you need and want in the modern game. Their D is extremely young, thin, and not quite experienced enough yet. Some may say they are too thin on the back end (butt pun intended), and I would agree to a certain extend. I do think Sweeney makes a trade to bring in a vet D man sooner rather than later to help shore up their top 6. Sweeney has never been shy to make trades unlike that FRAUD Danny Ainge the last few years, even when it doesn't work out in his favor or it costs a bit more to do it. So I'm not too worried there.

But why do they have no shot at a cup??

This loser is the reason why. Rask is incapable of winning plain and simple. The Bruins don't win in '11 if Rask is the goalie, period. Rask chokes in the biggest moments or just doesn't even show up. Let's take you on a little history of Tuukka, say we? In 2010 he personally blew a 3-0 series lead and followed that up with blowing a 3-0 lead in game 7 vs the Flyers. 2013 he gave up two easy goals vs the Blackhawks in 17 seconds to lose the Cup. He was too hungover to play in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Semi-Final game that his team went on to lose. 2016 he eat too many buffalo wings the night before a win and your in the playoffs game vs the Senators and had to sit out because he couldn't stop dumping his pants (literally). Game 7 on his home ice in 2019 vs the Blues he couldn't stop anything and lost yet another cup final. 2020 he famously left the bubble when he sucked it up in the playoffs and was golfing the next day. This guy is the biggest loser in the history of losers, such a big loser he would fit perfectly on the '90s Buffalo Bills. The Bruins have a problem and its that goofy ass bastard pictured above. He is a good goalie, yes, can win games, also yes. But when it comes to the big games he is a turtle. The Bruins will never win another Cup as long as they have Rask as their starting goalie. It's time for Sweeney to be bold and sent Rask packing and bring in a hungry, young goaltender that hopefully could get hot and grab a Cup. Otherwise we already know how this story ends.

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