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The Celtics Need To Make Wholesale Changes Starting Yesterday

The Celtics flat out stink. The Coach stinks, the GM stinks and the players for the most part stink. Tatum and Brown are all stars, should they be? As Jaylen Brown said, below .500 teams shouldn't have all stars and I have to agree. The Celtics could benefit big time from a head coaching change. Cover your eyes green teamers, the Celtics have let this Brad Stevens experiment go on too long and need to make a change. And I know just the person they should hire in his place:

You're goddamn right they should.

Just kidding we don't need to run that ass hat back. Actually the coach they should bring in is literally any other coach other than Brad Stevens or Pitino. Not only is he bad, he is getting worse by the game right now. He shows a complete inability to coach the team, have his players respond to anything he does, and he has the worst situational awareness of a head coach since Pitino gave up after not getting Duncan. So let's bring in some vet coach to whip these baby players into shape. Any one know if Jim O'Brien is still alive?

General Manager or whatever ceremonial position Ainge has. Ainge has sucked longer than Stevens has, Ainge is basically Ben Cherington. Stumbled into a title one time. Ainge's honeymoon period ended a decade ago, yet he is still here and allowed to run the franchise like he is Red. McHale is closer to Red than Danny Douchebags. Ainge should have been gone years ago. He must have a treasure trove of naked pics of Wyc or something along those lines. Ainge is always talking about how he isn't doing a good job, hasn't put together a good team, basically begging to get fired but that seems like an impossible task. Ainge is going to die in this job because he apparently will never be fired. And that is a giant giant problem for the Celtics franchise.

Before this year Stevens and Ainge were just good enough to make the playoffs but never serious enough to win anything without McHale's help. This year they are deadweight bringing this team down on a daily basis. The Celtics not only stink but they are getting their doors blown off by shitty teams everynight. The time to move on from both was yesterday so what are we doing here? Why is Wyc so scared? Shake it up, I believe everyone should be on the table to be traded or fired. And right now that includes Tatum, he stinks right now, and really sucked in the playoffs last year. This team is on the verge of a complete rebuild even with two of the best young players in the NBA, so why not try a new hungry head coach and GM before blowing up the team completely? What else do you have to lose? The team sucks, the coaches suck, the organization sucks. It's time for the green teamers to get their heads out of their asses for the first time in their lives and demand change, immediately. I am fed up with this team and organization and if you aren't you simply don't care about winning.

Celtics Bomb Score: 0.0

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