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The Future Is Now For The Bruins

This spiltsman made 40 saves in his debut last night, send Tuukka's ass packing!!. The future is now or never for the Bruins goaltending situation. Swayman and Vladar have been playing because Tuukka is softer than a Vanilla Ice Cream cone on a muggy July afternoon in the Florida sun and Halak has the corona. This is the best possible thing for the Bruins, I said earlier in the season that we need to see the young guns at the NHL level to see what they've got, and to be honest they are pretty far. Sweeney was never going to give these youngins a shot at the NHL this season without Rask's "injury" and Halak's rona.. Halak's been okay before his corona, and Tuukka is being a baby as he normally is. Now before we get too crazy, unless Tuukka is out for the year, I don't see both Vladar and Swayman on the big team's roster because Sweeney is learning from the worst to ever do it Danny Ainge and has zero stones to make a big move, frankly ever. This would be a franchise altering move, many idiot Bruin fans of which there are many would cry to the high heavens if they traded Rask. The guy has done nothing but they are very similar to the green teamers in their delusions. Rask isn't a championship goalie, you aren't winning a championship this year unless the Leafs, Lightning, Panthers, Hurricanes, Caps, Islanders, and Penguins all get corona and are forced to play their AHL rosters against the Bs in the playoffs. The best I can describe Rask is he is a case of herpes. Herpes may go away for a little bit but they are there, waiting, and pop back up at the worst possible times. Rask and his herpes will pop back up in the playoffs at the most critical times and he will lose those big games 100 out of 100 times.

So let's use the young guns going forward, release Halak, trade Rask for a bag of pucks and a draft pick in 2024. We aren't winning the Cup this year anyway with any of those 4 goalies so why not try for a cup in a year, two, three, four? Time to think about winning and the future, and both of those words don't describe Tuukka Rask or Jaro Halak.

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