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The Kid is a Loser

Ken Griffey Jr. was hired today by major league baseball to be a SR. Advisor to the Commissioner. With him in the news it had me thinking and I can't emphasize this enough, he is possibly the biggest loser in MLB if not sports history. This is a guy that played 22 years in major league baseball, was considered a great player but only made the playoffs three times, three! And never appeared in a World Series. How are we supposed to consider him one of the greats when he never even performed on the biggest stage? Putting up stats is nice, I'm not saying he wasn't talented and a good little player but he was a loser.

I love winners, you don't even need to be the best player or super talented. If you play your best in the biggest games and win championships you're good in my book. What I hate is when someone refers to someone like Griffey or Ted Williams as great when they never won a damn thing in their entire life. There is a scoreboard for a reason, the only thing that matters in sports is winning. When it comes to determining the greatness of an athlete I value winning and championships over stats and individual records and honors. The all time greats have a combination of both. You can be a good player but if you don't win you can't be great. Now don't get it twisted, every good player that wins a championship isn't great, no ones calling Shane Victorino a great player but I'll still take Victorino on my team any day cause he's a winner. I'm talking about the elite talents, who put up big numbers, perform on the big stage and win championships, those to me are the greatest players. To be on the level of players such as Derek Jeter, David Ortiz and even guys like Manny Ramirez and Alex Rodriguez you need to have won something.

Let me ask you, who's the Ken Griffey Jr. of the NFL? You know the name that comes to my mind? Warren Moon. He played 17 years in the NFL, was a starting QB in 15 of them, put up big numbers, lead the NFL in passing twice, was a nine time pro bowler, 1st team All pro but only made the playoffs seven times and never got past the divisional round. I wanted to say someone like Dan Marino but I can't because he at least made it to a Super Bowl. Do you consider Warren Moon an all time great or was he just another good QB that put up numbers and came up short in the playoffs?

That's how I look at Ken Griffey Jr., just another good player who was a complete loser. He could barely get his teams to the playoffs and the few times he did, he lost before he could even get to a World Series. Griffey Jr. was and is completely useless to me, why people ever loved this guy is beyond me. All he did was pile up stats for 22 years, when he wasn't injured and lose baseball games.

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