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The Perfect Patriot

Julian Edelman announced his retirement from the game today and with that, ends what will go down as one of the most improbable, impressive and successful careers in NFL history.

The quarterback turned punt returner, turned defensive back, turned wide receiver was one of the most versatile players you’ll ever come across. His determination to be great at whatever position the team needed him to play is what carried him to eventually become an elite receiver.

Over the last 12 years, Jules has primarily lined up in the slot for the Patriots offense. He made big catches, tough catches week in and week out. Going across the middle and taking a beating but he never backed down. He elevated the slot receiver position and became one of the best slot receivers to ever play the game.

Where Edelman really made his hay was in the postseason and in Super Bowls. Only Jerry Rice has put up better statistics in postseason history. With Edelman it was more than just racking up the numbers though, he made big plays, significant plays. He caught game winning touchdowns in Super Bowls, he made tough 4th quarter catches, he extended drives with big 3rd down grabs, he was the best player on the field in Super Bowl LIII, winning Super Bowl MVP.

He was tough, versatile, determine, clutch, Julian Edelman was everything you want in a football player. He had talent and ability but it was his intangibles that made him a truly great player. More talented wide receivers have put on the Patriots uniform but for my money, Edelman is the best receiver in franchise history.

He was one the best players period, in franchise history. He will one day soon be presented his red jacket and enshrinement into the Patriots Hall of Fame and no one deserves it more than Julian Edelman. He embodied everything the Patriots organization is all about, he was the perfect Patriot.

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