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They Are Who We Thought They Were

Stop me if you've heard this before, Rask played his worst in the biggest games of the season. Set your watch to it. Spring time, playoffs, big game, Rask turtling. Nothing surprising or shocking there. Rask is a fine regular season goalie, in the playoffs he sucks. He tried to blame an injury and said he tried his best, whatever Rask, we know what you are and who you are. I predicted the Bruins would be eliminated in the 2nd round and I was absolutely right. I also predicted that Rask would turtle (bold prediction, eh) and the defense would be the 2nd most suspect part of the Bruins, nailed it and nailed it. I also predicted that the Bruins would be eliminated in a blow out after they gave up. This is what I wrote in the 2nd round preview blog "However if the Bruins are down 3-2 heading into New York game 6 and they win to come home for game 7 in Boston then it's Rask choke time and the Islanders win big. 4-1, 5-0, 6-2. Something along those lines." Nailed half of that prediction, directly on it's head.

Who is most to blame for the Bruins bow out in the 2nd round? Could it be the worst player in hockey, Sean Kuraly? Or the human concrete cinder block on ice, Nick Ritchie? Or the human controller battery is on zero, Connor Clifton? Or the hockey player that doesn't care about playing hockey Jake Debrusk? Or how could we forget the softest human turtle on planet earth, starting goalie Tuukka Rask. All of those guys stink to the high heavens, but they don't deserve all the blame. The blame is on the hockey Brad Stevens, Bruce Cassidy. This guy is as big a loser as Stevens, and he should also be fired from his job, but not promoted to another. Much like Stevens he's lost at every single level he's ever been at. It is time for the Bruins to move on and bring in someone else. I would prefer former Rangers and BU coach David Quinn. He coached both Mcavoy and Grzelcyk in college and would be a nice fit and change up from that loser Cassidy. Much like how Stevens would start guys that shouldn't even be playing like Marcus Smart and Jae Crowder. Cassidy thought it was a good idea to play Kuraly, Clifton, Ritchie, and Rask every single game. Like what did you think was going to happen? Rask would all of a sudden go from a mental midget to a mental giant overnight? The second the crowd started chatting Rask it was a wrap. Cassidy was so bad this series the Bruins have no choice but to fire him. You cannot be that bad at your job and expect to keep your job. Now I don't think the Bruins will part ways with Cassidy or Sweeney, they don't have the stones, but they should dump both very quickly. Sweeney, friend of President Cam Neely, isn't the guy to rebuild the Bruins this offseason. He is going to sign Rask for too much money (whom shouldn't even be resigned for a dollar), Krejci for too much money, and roll out a similar team. As the worst franchise in Boston, the Celtics have proven this is a recipe for disaster. Today should be Black Thursday for the Bruins, clean house, bring in some young up and coming talent that has a singular goal of winning a cup. The Jacobs won't, that would mean they would have to pay someone to not work for them. But a guy can dream. Good Night 20-21 Bruins, your season ended more predictably then a Hallmark Christmas Movie.

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