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This May Be The Latest I’ve Been Up In A While

11pm on a Friday night. Look at me. Who would’ve thought that I’d be up and at ‘em this late? And that it would be because I was watching basketball!?!!?

Team USA is going for gold in Tokyo tonight and we at CSBS haven’t said a thing about them or the Olympics. I don’t think Timmy cares now that the Patriots are in training camp and I don’t know if Whalen has time to type one of these things out. Who knows what he is doing?? More on that later.

So since you are stuck with me at this point I’ll be honest, I thought I was heading to bed at the end of the 1st quarter because Team USA would be getting dismantled. Another shut up Roache moment- luckily only said anything to myself up until this point.

Here are some notes from the game:

-Durant is good.

-Tatum is sidelined with the Thera-gun going on his back. Not good.

-Tatum came off the floor with 9 points already. Good showing from the Celts top dog.

-At some points Devin Booker reminds me of Delonte West. Not great.

-Tatum is good.

-1:30 left in the first half and USA is cruising but France seems to always have an answer. -I think I like international play more than our style. Why? Who cares? I’ve been more invested in this game than any other basketball game since probably 2018.

- I don’t doubt for one second that Durant’s ability to put up 21 in the first half of this, compared to 10 in the first meeting nearly 14 days ago, is entirely due to Popovich and his crew of merry men. Isolating him in good matchups. Switching to good matchups. I could be way off here but it checks out in my overtired skull right now, which is good enough for me.

-5 point edge at half. Good start by the Americans. I’ll probably fall asleep so I am going to post this and edit it as I go, if I stay awake!

Before I save- let me say that I have no idea where Whalen is. Truly not caring if he blogs or not, I legit don’t know if he’s in western MA again or hanging at Cumma’s house nonstop cuz of the new cherub (Uncle Stevie loves the kiddos!). So Steve… if you are reading this… enjoy what you are doing wherever you are. Miss you.

Ok. Maybe more coming later. Unlikely.

Update: 11:53PM

-Moved from the couch to bed. Watching on phone.

-Great pass by Draymond underneath to Lavine. Great bounce for Lavine on his three in the next possession.

-USA defense is impressive. Transition throwdown by Tatum off a steal to go to timeout in the closing minutes of the 3rd. Things you love to see.

-France drains a 3 at the end of the 3rd and USA is up 8.

-Its cheek clenching time. Durant should be the piece that closes this out. Couple big shots, a three (or 2) and it’s over. Interested to see how Tatum plays.


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