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TOTCOTW for you idiots in the back row means Tip of The Cap of The Week award, Way back in 2010-2011 we here at CSBS had a weekly award given out to whomever, whatever, whenever, we felt an award needed to be given. And today with my first blog back in the game we must recognize and award the first TOTCOTW, for the week of January 25th, 2021, the winner, Stevie F Whalen.

Just kidding. The winner is none other than, Timmy Boom Boom Amara, our original founder and twice creator of the CSBS websites. The idea came up while we were talking in a group chat, bored out of our minds, Timmy thought hey why not bring back the website and podcast, and then he got to work, mainly late at night creating a whole new website, logo, designing everything himself. Doing an outstanding job if I don't say so myself. So here's to Boom Boom and CSBS. It's Britney bitch and we are back.

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