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Sorry For Your Loss White Sox

As if the world wasn’t cruel enough, the Chicago White Sox have mourned the loss of one of their four best players.

Go ahead. Scroll their twit timeline. Based on this image and the one below, someone has clearly passed away. There is no other explanation. Right?

Welp- after some sleuthing around it is my man Eloy Jimenez who is now out for a few (maybe 5?) months for a torn pec. Uncle Stevie knows the pain of a torn pec so he understands the ceremonial circumstances here. For those that don’t know, he’s survived a slew of major injuries in his lifetime, most recent being sciatica.

The White Sox have taken baseball, as a whole, to a new low. Which is wild to think about. I’ve seen kids play thru injuries galore. I did every game. Likely a torn rotator cuff and tennis elbow for about 5 years straight and I still had to jump over the white line and kick some dirt at the four spot every night knowing full well my career would die in high school. Meanwhile, Eloy & co. are holding services for his torn chesticle and the likes of baseball will never be the same.

Minor injuries for a day off are nothing new to baseball players. Tooth aches will keep a player out at the pro level while these hockey guys, at any level, get their teeth punched in and they skate it off. The difference is like the difference of bloggers on this site. The spectrum ends are so far apart it will make your eyes hurt to look at.

So pile it on - literally everyone - but make sure you steer clear of a White Sox fan today because they will tell you about how much the team is a team and they love Jimenez and that’s why they signed HIS OWN JERSEY FOR HIM. It’s because they are a family and are devastated by his five month death.


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