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Wake Up Mr. West

Say it ain’t so: Kim Kardashian has officially filed for divorce from Kanye West. The couple has been married for 7 years and Kim has finally had enough.

But I’m going spin zone on you here. This could be a great thing for all the diehard Kanye fans like myself. His career has done nothing but go down hill since he got with Kim. Let’s hope this causes him to go off the deep end and drop the whole god-loving, no drugs, no alcohol, no swearing bullshit he’s been on the last few years. That crazy bitch and her entire family ruined Kanye West.

Bring me back the 2000’s Kanye. Give me “College Dropout” Kanye, give me “Graduation” Kanye. Hell, give me “MBDTF” Kanye. Can I finally get my Kanye back? Can we drop the Yeezus and bring back the Yeezy?

Maybe it’s wishful thinking but nothing leads you down a path of hookers and cocaine like your wife throwing you to the curb. If there’s anything that will get Kanye back on drugs, banging sluts and dropping fire jams it’s a divorce from the Kardashian family.

So let’s go Kanye, get pissed, tell us how you really feel, turn tragedy in triumph once again. If we end up getting another classic Kanye album we’ll be able to trace it directly back to today and thank Kim for waking up Mr. West.

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