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WandaVision Predictions (SPOILERS Included)

This is really the only show I've been watching lately. Just watched Captain America: Civil War and Avengers Endgame this weekend to see if I can make any more connections with the WandaVision season thus far. The following are some predictions I have for how the season will end in the next two weeks/episodes.

Most opinions are my own but some may have been borrowed from my wife and kids. We watch this like it is TGIF. Doesn't matter what era of TGIF either - we are glued.

REMINDER!! - there will be spoilers from episodes 1- 7 so if you don't want your excitement ruined before watching those episodes then click out of this blog now. But click back in and out again so we get the views on this thing up. 'Preciate it.

The Twins: Not what you are thinking here Timmy. Wanda’s twin boys. Billy and Tommy were born and grew to what feels like pre-teen age in about two episodes. They have since eased their insane growth rate and are kind of stuck in this age for at least the past pair of episodes. I wouldn't be surprised if they made another jump in this next episode to build up for something big in the season finale. They have powers. They helped save Vision, their father, in the end of episode six, All-New Halloween Spooktacular, and showed off more of their abilities in that epi. They've since disappeared in the most recent episode and I have a couple ideas for it. Either Uncle Pietro is keeping a watchful eye on them as part of Agnes' evil workings or they are legit trapped in her basement somewhere. However, I don't expect it to be long as I feel their powers, likely unknown to Agnes, could help them escape. I expect them to be a key piece moving forward, into a possible season two even.

Glitches: In episode seven, Breaking the Fourth Wall, the twins 2000-era remote controllers were glitching like crazy all the way back in time to an UNO set. The decorations in the house began to do the same thing. This makes me believe that the push of the 'HEX' that Wanda pulled off in episode six to save Vision may have been a little more than she could handle. I also think that this is going to lead to a bigger breakdown despite what we learned at the end of episode seven about Agnes. It seems like the glitches could start impacting the other houses in the town and even possibly affect other people.

Agatha Harkness: I spoke above about Agnes, recently revealed as Agatha Harkness, in the pair of breakdowns above and she is a doozy. They make it known to the audience that she has witch-like powers also and it's unknown to Wanda. This could lead to the real craziness that Uncle Stevie and I were hoping for coming into episode one. "Who's been messing with everything, it's been Agatha all along." Catchy tune at the end of Friday's episode. What stuck out to me is the glazed over look on Wanda before the tune kicked in. If Agatha can catch control over her mind then what is going to happen to the HEX. Agatha will have control and it will be up to a small crop of others to get things right.

Monica Rambeau: One of the real interesting pieces of this show has been Rambeau. Coming in, I expected Wanda to do her thing and Vision to be funny but Rambeau and her connection to this all dating back to Captain Marvel is real interesting to me. If you look her up, comic books show her as another Captain Marvel and in episode seven she claims some semblance of power even landing in a "superhero pose" on a couple of different occasions. She is a darkhorse for me to be the one to save the day. I'm leaning toward Vision with help from the Twins but Rambeau could be the real one to get the job done come the finale. If the powers she acquired walking straight thru the HEX can be developed in one episode, she is definitely on the list of ones to save the day come the ninth installment.

Vision: Love this guy. Most difficult thing here is how his life is obviously dependent on the survival of the HEX. Clear at the end of episode six when he walked thru and instantly started to fall apart. He is alive because Wanda willed it to existence and despite Darcy's best efforts, he may not completely understand that yet because his brain only knows the HEX. Real "The Truman Show" stuff there. Regardless of that, the AI creation is in his favor.

I’m excited for the possibilities coming up these next two episodes and expect to see some things that I wouldn’t have guessed. Enjoy everyone! Feel free to tell me I’m an idiot if your thoughts differ from mine!

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