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What A Difference A Week Makes

Please note that this does not express the well-documented views of the CSBS crew. This also doesn’t clearly express my view, I’ll save that for the end.

The Boston Celtics just one week ago were mocked by 6er fans. Criticized harshly by NBA fans and reporters alike. Now, three games later they have won three in a row and are alone in 4th (meh) in the Eastern Conference after being closer to 10th a week ago!

Are they turning it around? I doubt it. Are they still bad or lacking in a couple areas? Some would say yes.

For me. This is a tale as old as time. This happens year in and year out during the longer regular seasons in MLB, NBA and NHL. It’s called a streak people. The Bruins seem to do it consistently every year - a cold streak that seems like it’s the end of their season fast approaching. The Celts just had one with losses in 4 of 5 in the middle of February.

With the three aforementioned leagues, this is where their season is made. Can they keep it going enough to get to the “stay hot” phase of the playoffs? Can their GM make the right move and not see the hotter side of the streak as a “nothing needs to be done” moment? (Looking at you Mr. Ainge!)

Time will only tell. Because I am paid handsomely for my personal views by the upper brass at CSBS, I’ll tell you what I think about the Celtics.

Their GM will not make a move. The team will play well. He will feel smart. There will be an injury to someone (Walker prob) and they‘ll be out of the postseason in the 2nd round pointing the finger at the injury and how it impacted the matchup.

So I’ll sit back, relax and probably watch more WandaVision instead of the disappointment coming for the C’s. You all can tell me how it goes. Oh. And enjoy this too.

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