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What is Wrong with Jayson Tatum?

Not only is he the owner of some the worst tattoos this side of the Mississippi but does Tatum also stink at basketball? Does getting covid mean you lose your ability to shoot a basketball? That's sort of trolling but also a legit question. Watching Tatum the last month or so since coming back from covid has been painful and frustrating most night. Last night was another good example, 5-16 shooting, 1-5 behind the arc. This isn't just a one off either, in the last 4 games he's shot, .313, .545, .222, .200 from the field. That's okay if your a utility infielder but horrible if you play in the modern day NBA. He can still flash in some spurts as we saw against the Bullets but is this Tatum's game? Is he just a streaky ball player that can flash on some nights but be completely horrible other nights? Great players are great because they consistently bring it game in and game out. Tatum isn't there yet, he can be, he is still young only 23 yrs old, but the more I watch him the more I think he isn't a superstar franchise player, he is more a 2 or a 3.

Now it isn't completely his fault either, he doesn't have a coach that is able to make him a better player and certainly the GM has no clue that he isn't a number one player. So he could be stuck in this middle ground for years to come. Now before you green teamer buffoons blow a gasket, there are very little number one guys in the league. Lebron currently might be the only one. Durant can't win and have a contender by himself he needs a solid 2 and 3. He had that in Golden State and he has it now in Brooklyn until Kyrie goes off his rocker again. So while Tatum could be a solid 2 and can still win in this league, I don't think it happens in Boston. He is going to have to go somewhere and join up with some other players to truly contend. It is a shame but it's the reality of where the Celtics are and how they are content being just a playoff team and not a contender. So Tatum, you are on the watchlist, it's time to put up or shut up. You do not want to be part of the Stevens, Ainge, Smart group. I won't stop until I run them all out of town, so just play better and don't piss me off every other night.

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