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What Really Grinds My Gears: Skiers & Snowboarders

Look at the effing idiot, what a loser. Skiers are losers, snowboarders are losers. Plain and simple. If you are a weekend warrior skiing every weekend then just put an L on your forehead Smash Mouth style. You look like an idiot with your stupid boots that you can't even walk around in, looks like a million Forrest Gump's with leg braces on. It is a highly expensive activity that largely only rich assclown people do. And it is by far the whitest activity on planet earth. Hockey? Badminton? Croquet? Brunch? Listening to Macklemore? No, No, No, No and No. It is skiing and snowboarding. Anytime you have 98% white people gathering and partaking in one activity it is a recipe for disaster, just think of FyreFest, Woodstock, storming the capital, or the south in the 1860s. Never has it ever turned out to be a good thing. And to top it all off all skiers and snowboarders are giant colossal asshole douchebags. Cool you spent over $1000 on polyurethane sticks, plastic boots that somehow haven't had an ounce of innovation since skiing was born, a real sweet pair of shiny red goggles, and a helmet. Nice helmet you fuckstick, take off the helmet and see me at the top. We need less helmets in skiing what are you afraid of dying? Trust me Chad Smith, expert skier, the world would be just fine if you weren't on it, stop being a baby and ski without a helmet and live life a little bit. Instead you are scared none of your frat bros will show up to your dumbass ski funeral, "let's get one last ride on the double black for our boy Chad".

A promise to all my followers, I will never ever wear a helmet skiing. Why? Cause I'm not bitch boy, you are the bitch boy, Toby Harrison, Vail, Colorado.

We here at CSBS give a colossal Fuck You to all the skiers and snowboarders out there. May your helmet crack upon impact.

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