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Where’s Coach Roache?

It’s been over a month now since we last heard from Coach Roache. I’m starting to get worried. His last blog post was April 2nd and crickets ever since.

We are a month into a decent baseball season, the Red Sox are a pretty good, the Dodgers are collapsing and our resident baseball guru is no where to be found.

Sure, the guy has a wife that’s probably sending him to CVS three or four times a day. He’s got a whole bunch of kids, probably just as many animals living in his house. I think he has a job, if not he’s home schooling his kids.

He’s a busy guy but you’re telling me he couldn’t find 15 minutes here or there over the last 41 days to give us a blog? He’s never going to become the next Jared Carrabis at this rate.

The world is being deprived of the once great baseball guru and the people want him back. We are begging you Coach Roache, give us the content we want and need.

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