The Hosts

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Matt Roache 

Baseball guru, dad, D3 college sports lover, what does that equal Matty Dew Coach Roache.

What he lacks in size he more than makes up with his non stop Chihuahua like yapping.

A father of a ton of kids he dedicates most of this time to watching baseball games by night and buying paper towels by day.

He is the proud patriarch of A-towns first covid family during the fall of 2020.

Coach Roache Facts:

Age: 45

Height: somewhere around a yardstick

Weight: 205

Hair: once 1964 Beatles, present a beard growing demon

Has a dog named Angel Death Star Angel Face Roache.

Saves on pants because he is of shorter stature.

Lover of candy.

Former lover of Mountain Dew.

Loves the Lumineers, Pentatonix and Janelle Monet.

There’s no Pixar movie he hasn’t seen.

You’ll hear him before you see him.

President of the Charlie Morton fan club.

Tim Amara

Timmy "Boom Boom" "Big Dick" Amara, often referred to as the Middleboro Joker.

Lover of chaos, corn muffins, a hot cup of Joe and nuts in his beer.

A man who virtually only exists at night.

Is a prolific NFL draft guru, making a mockery of Mcshay and Kiper on an annual basis.

A man that devours so much peppermint mocha iced coffees and wake up wraps it would make Santa blush.

He is well versed in Football, Basketball, Rihanna, and making fun of baseball.

Timmy Amara Facts:

Age: 45

Height: 6’7

Weight: probably a lot....below his belt

Former member of the delusional green teamers.

Should not eat Chinese food.

Doesn’t like Tom Brady.

Really doesn’t like Cam Newton.

Was named the poor mans Joe Thomas.

Creator of the magical frozen coronas.

Raised Aaron Hernandez jersey to the rafters.

Had covid for 8 months in a row.

Once fed the dog that lives in his house tide pods.

Was not happy when phub removed millions of videos.

Hates the hell out of big rob.

Wants to get married on September 11th.

Loves twizzlers, hates religion.

2nd favorite Celtic is Raef Lafrentz just behind his favorite Toine Walker.

Has seen every The Rock and Kevin Hart movie.

Steve Whalen

What can be said that already hasn’t been said about our next member and co-founder?

We will give it a shot: Adonis, Alpha, Gorgeous, Hilarious are only some of the terms we can use to describe the total package Uncle Stevie Whalen.

Well traveled and sophisticated beyond his years, he's not great at anything but good at everything.

Only brings the heat on a daily basis on and off the mound, because he doesn’t know how to throw a curve.

Some say he is too pretty and humble to be so well rounded in all categories, but somehow he keeps defying logic.

Uncle Stevie Facts:


Age: 34 (still has plenty of years left on the arm)

Height: “perfect QB height” - John Madden

Weight: chiseled marble

Eyes: an astonishing laser blue, legit laser eye balls


Once went 22 for 22 in stolen bags in Babe Ruth.

Has the arm of Jeff George and the brains of Trebek.

Only member of CSBS that has dual citizenship.

Once laughed off the dance floor at Coach Roache wedding.

Pop Warner record of 9 ints in 8 games that still stands today.

Has tried out for Jeopardy twice.

Doesn’t know how to Dougie.

After Jake Bailey, the second best punter he’s ever seen is himself.

All Potatoes